Provider FAQ

What is my financial responsibility in opening an allergy lab inside my practice with Ascend Allergy?

There is no up­front financial investment required from you or your practice. You medically supervise Ascend Allergy personnel within the allergy center and make all medical decisions for your patients. Ascend only provides allergy services to the patients that you recommend for allergy testing and that you approve for immunotherapy. Ascend provides all of the equipment and supplies required for testing: antigens, allergens, serum, omni scratchers, etc. You provide our technician with the space to perform testing (typical exam room ­ 60 square feet), we take care of the rest.

How are payments made to the practice?

You maintain total control of the cash flow, as payments for allergy testing are collected by your practice directly from the insurance carriers in the same manner as they do currently. You will continue to receive insurance reimbursements and collect patient co­pays for services rendered. Ascend will then assist with claims to reconcile the accounts and invoice you for services provided to you and your patients.

Who manages the allergy center?

Our technician will take care of all insurance verification, appointment scheduling, testing and immunotherapy, while you, the provider, will determine which patients are candidates for allergy testing and immunotherapy services. You will manage all medical decisions and supervise the clinical aspects of the allergy center.

What is required of my staff?

Because Ascend only provides services upon your request, you and your staff will facilitate patient identification and scheduling. You will also need to provide assistance with the collection of patient data to confirm medical necessity. Ascend will take care of everything else.

Will training be provided?

Ascend provides training for administrative and clinical staff. Training includes information about immunotherapy science and regulatory requirements. We also do extensive training with the providers and providers on site. We will go over step­by­step what is required of you and how we will integrate into your practice.

What ongoing support will be provided by Ascend Allergy?

Ascend will provide ongoing continuing education for Ascend staff and for providers. Ascend will manage and support all administrative and technical requirements of the allergy center. The local Ascend Account Manager assigned to your practice will work with your staff on a daily basis to ensure a successful partnership.

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